Delaine Buses Ltd will endeavour to ensure you travel safely and in comfort on a clean and reliable bus service. Our Terms & Conditions of Carriage are consistent with the relevant statutory regulations and by boarding one of our vehicles confirms acceptance of these conditions.

Our priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers and staff. Please show full consideration for the safety and comfort of others; follow any instructions given to you by members of our staff and observe all relevant notices in vehicles. Our staff have the right to work without fear of assault or intimidation and we will prosecute anybody who does not respect this right.


1.1 We operate our services on a first come first served basis and shall have no liability to you whatsoever if you cannot travel since the bus you intended to travel on is full.

1.2 No ticket issued by us guarantees travel on any bus or at any time and no seating is reserved on any of our buses at the time of paying a fare.

1.3 Occasionally we are unable to run our services as advertised, generally due to factors which are outside of our control such as but not restricted to; severe weather conditions, unpredictable delays caused by traffic congestion, road closures, road works, road traffic accidents, delays at level crossings and other unforeseen circumstances.

1.4 In the event of the delay, termination or cancellation of any service or in the event of the service being otherwise unavailable to you due to the service being fully occupied or otherwise, we shall not be liable for any losses, damage costs or inconvenience that you suffer as a result.

1.5 We cannot guarantee that services will connect unless specifically advertised to do so.

1.6 We will endeavour to advise passengers of any issues affecting Delaine Services as set out in section 1.3 via our twitter feed and/or website.


2.1 Passengers, on paying the correct fare, will be issued a ticket showing the amount they have paid, the declared stopping points and the period of validity of the ticket.

2.2 On receipt of a ticket it is important that you check the details printed are correct including the fare paid, the date/period of travel and the destination recorded as well as any monetary change given to you. In the event of any discrepancy it is important that you bring this matter to the attention of the driver immediately as any errors made cannot be rectified later.

2.3 The acceptance of a ticket, pass or Season Ticket issued by us in exchange for the payment of any applicable fare shall be held to constitute a contract between you and us on the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

2.4 Where an English National Concessionary Travel Scheme pass has been issued to you, a contract has been entered between us and the issuing authority for your benefit pursuant to these Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

2.5 It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure the safe keeping and validity of their ticket and retain their ticket for the duration of their journey for which the ticket was issued and to allow any company official to inspect the ticket at any time during the journey.

2.6 If you cannot for whatever reason produce a valid ticket or pass for inspection on demand by a company official whilst travelling then you will be required to pay a penalty fare of £5. This sum is payable on demand by a company official.

2.7 If you cannot pay the penalty fare on demand then you must provide us with your name and address and evidence of your identity so that we may correspond with you regarding payment of the fare as well as any other costs we incur in collecting payment from you. Failure to pay the penalty fare requested may lead to court proceedings and recovery as a civil debt.

2.8 You will not be entitled to repayment of the penalty fare if you can later produce a valid ticket for the journey in question.

2.9 Passengers must not attempt to use any ticket or pass which has been altered, damaged or defaced, is illegible, has expired, is issued to another person, is issued for a different route or on a different date. The driver reserves the right to confiscate any such ticket from an intending passenger.

2.10 No replacement or refund will be made for lost, stolen, altered or defaced tickets.

2.11 If a passenger no longer requires a ticket then they may under certain circumstances gain a refund on the unused part of the ticket. Each application for a refund will be considered separately and we reserve the right to refuse a refund on any ticket. Reimbursement is calculated from the date of receipt of the ticket at the office using the purchase price less the number of days that were available for use at the Day or 7 Day rate. Refunds can only be made to the original ticket purchaser. All requests should be made to the office and the original ticket will be needed for exchange.

2.12 Passengers should be aware that it is a criminal offence to use altered or counterfeit tickets with the intention of deceiving employees. Where we suspect such deception is intended or has taken place then we shall have no hesitation in informing the relevant authorities and seeking prosecution for the offence.


3.1 Any person wishing to travel but is unable to either tender a fare or provide a valid ticket or pass will not be permitted to travel.

3.2 All tickets issued on board must be paid for either in cash, £ sterling only, maximum denomination £20 note or contactless payment maximum £30 (subject to contactless payment availability).

3.3 In the event contactless payment is unavailable either due to network availability or ticket machine failure, cash payment is applicable.

3.4 We do not accept cheques or travel tokens in part or full payment for any fare.

3.5 We reserve the right to refuse any notes or coinage that we believe to be counterfeit, in the event of a dispute the driver’s decision will be final.

3.6 Change is given out of courtesy, in the event the driver is unable to provide the correct change at the point of boarding, you will be advised to collect your change at the end of the journey. If at the end of the journey change still cannot be provided, the amount owed will be recorded on the original ticket purchased and signed by the driver. Change may be collected from the office during opening hours and the original signed ticket will be required as proof of purchase.

3.7 Drivers have a limited amount of change available to them for security reasons so having the exact fare is helpful and speeds up boarding times.

3.8 Where an age dependant discounted ticket is requested, we reserve the right to request proof of age if we have reasonable grounds to raise issue with the age of the passenger. Where such information is not supplied, the driver may at their discretion demand payment of the full ADULT FARE and subsequent proof of age will not entitle any individual to a refund of the difference between the YOUNG PERSON/CHILD FARE and ADULT FARE.

3.9 Passengers boarding a bus at an intermediate point in which no set fare has been fixed will be charged the relevant fare rate from the previous fare stage.

3.10 Passengers requesting a ticket to an intermediate point in which no fare has been fixed will be charged to the fare stage beyond.

3.11 Passengers paying a Single fare, or a Day Return fare are not permitted to break their journeys without payment of a further fare.

3.12 If a passenger wishes to extend a journey made with any pass, beyond its destination of validity, then they must pay the single fare from the boundary to their destination and state their intention to extend their journey when boarding.

3.13 Passengers who subsequently decide to extend their journey will need to obtain another ticket from the driver from their original destination to their revised destination and pay any additional fare due. No priority is offered over any other passengers wishing to board the bus and they will need to re-join the queue.

3.14 A penalty fare of £5 applies to passengers who ‘over-ride’ and are unable to present a valid ticket on request to a company official. Please see section 2.6

3.15 We will endeavour to advertise any general information regarding any changes to our fares in advance on our twitter page and/or website. However, fares may be subject to alteration without further notice.


4.1 Passengers wishing to board a bus are requested to arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due and to give a clear hand signal to the driver to stop the bus. Most stops that we serve are ‘request stops’ so you must signal, or the bus may not stop.

4.2 If there is already a bus in front of the one that you are waiting for then please go to the end of the first bus and signal clearly to the driver of the second bus. Do not wait at the front of the first bus as the driver of the second bus might not see you and may not stop.

4.3 To assist the driver and punctuality of the journey please have your fare, ticket or pass ready when boarding.

4.4 Passengers wishing to alight a bus should notify the driver by ringing the bell once and before reaching the required stopping place. Passengers should then remain seated until the bus has stopped.

4.5 Passengers must not attempt to board or alight the bus whilst in motion.

4.6 Except in an emergency, passengers must not use emergency exits.

4.7 In urban areas buses operating local bus services will stop to pick up or set down passengers at designated bus stops.

4.8 In rural areas where there are no designated bus stops, buses operating local bus services will stop by request to pick up or set down passengers at the driver’s discretion (Hail and Ride). It will be for the driver to decide, at their discretion, safe pick up and set down points in such circumstances.

5. TICKET CLASSIFICATIONS - All tickets issued subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage. Not transferable.

5.1 GENERAL & SAVER TICKETS: available onboard

SINGLE available on all services: One unbroken journey from the boarding point to the declared destination.

SINGLE PLUS available for a single journey between: 101 & 301 Change at Market Deeping Mkt Place/Church St. • 201 202 & 401 Change at Bourne Bus Station.
DAY RETURN available on all services: One unbroken journey in either direction on the day of issue between any two declared stops.

DAY CITY available from any point 101 102 • 201 202. Unlimited re-boarding on the day of issue at: Peterborough City Centre Queensgate • New England Boulevard Retail Park • Walton Shopping Park.

7 DAY available on all services: Unlimited travel for 7 Days from the date of purchase between any  two declared stops.

ROVER available on all Services: 1 Day • 7 Day  • 1 Day Duo • 1 Day Group: Unlimited travel on any Delaine Service.

1 DAY DUO  for 2 people travelling together from 0900 onwards: Unlimited travel on any Delaine Service.

1 DAY GROUP up to 4 people travelling together from 0900 onwards: Unlimited travel on any Delaine Service.

5.2 DELAINE M-TICKETS: available from the myTrip App • purchase on your mobile phone or on a tablet and gift to another device
101 102 • 201 202 • 301 302 anywhere within selected area • Rover unlimited travel on any Delaine Service.

1 DAY unlimited travel for 1 day on the date of activation.

7 DAY unlimited travel for 7 days from the date of activation.

28 DAY unlimited travel for 28 days from the date of  activation.

1 DAY DUO  for 2 people travelling together from 0900 onwards on the date of activation.

1 DAY GROUP up to 4 people travelling together from 0900 onwards on the date of activation.

BUNDLES of 3 x 1 Day • 10 x 1 Day.

STUDENT: Term • Annual (see section 5.4)


YOUNG PERSON (Under 19): Reductions available at all times:
Onboard: Single • Single Plus • Day Return • Day City  • 7 Day • 1 Day Rover • 7 Day Rover

M-Tickets: 1 Day • 7 Day  • Bundle of 3 x 1 Day • Bundle of 10 x 1 Day.

CHILD (Under 11) Reductions available at all times onboard: Single • Single Plus • Day Return • Day City • 1 Day Rover.

UNDERS 5s: May travel free if not occupying a seat and are accompanied by a fare paying passenger or pass holder. A maximum of 2 under 5s may travel free with a fare paying passenger or pass holder. Any additional children, irrespective of age, must be paid for.

5.4 STUDENT SEASON TICKETS: Available online at or from the myTrip app. Issued subject to the company’s terms and conditions of carriage and for use by the named cardholder only. The ticket/M-ticket must always be available for inspection by any of the company’s officials.

TERM TICKET – Valid for one unbroken journey in either direction between any two declared stops on school or college days only for School/College tuition for the term of issue: Autumn Term (Terms 1-2) September-December, Spring Term (Terms 3-4) January-March/April, Summer Term (Terms 5-6) April-July.

ANNUAL TICKET – Valid for one unbroken journey in either direction between any two declared stops on school or college days only for School/College tuition for the Academic Year (September-July). A 10% sibling discount is applied for two or more siblings.

5.4.1 Available for use Mondays to Fridays on published school or college days only during the stated period for one journey in either direction per day on the route(s) of issue between the stated points for tuition at school or college only.

5.4.2 Travel is only permitted on production of a valid pass by the named cardholder when boarding otherwise a non-refundable fare is charged at the applicable rate.

5.4.3 It remains the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure the child or young person has the means to travel either by way of a valid pass or fare. The driver is not responsible for parents or guardians leaving their children at a bus stop with no valid pass or means of payment.

5.4.4 Driver discretion may be applied in instances where a distressed person has genuinely misplaced a valid ticket and does not attempt to board the bus deceitfully or fraudulently.

5.4.5 A lost ticket can be replaced by application to the office for a fee of £10. For any subsequent losses, a fee of £20 is applicable. Normal (non-refundable) fares will apply until the ticket has been replaced and received by the cardholder.

5.4.6 Damaged or defaced tickets may not be accepted for travel and will be replaced free of charge upon return to the office. If the ticket has been broken, then all parts must be returned to qualify for a free replacement otherwise the £10/£20 fee will apply. Normal (non-refundable) fares will apply until the ticket has been replaced and received by the cardholder.

5.4.7 Should the QR Code on the ticket be damaged or defaced then this will also render the ticket invalid and it will need to be returned in full and will then be replaced free of charge by the office. Normal (non-refundable) fares will apply until the ticket has been replaced and received by the cardholder.

5.4.8 Deliberately presenting an expired or invalid pass for travel may result in a penalty fare of £5 being applied for the intended journey.

5.4.9 Students are strongly advised not be tempted to do a friend a favour. It is your pass for your use only, our drivers are trained to spot tickets being passed back and will confiscate any tickets being misused in this manner which will then be subject to condition 5.4.10.

5.4.10 Where misuse is identified, the ticket may be confiscated by any company official and may be subject to an enquiry, normal (non-refundable) fares will apply during this period. Any ticket deemed to have been used fraudulently may be suspended or cancelled, without entitlement to refund.

5.4.11 A Refund will only be made in instances of moving home, school or long-term illness. Proof may be required. All refund requests should be made to the office. For the avoidance of doubt refunds will not be considered where an alternative means of travel has been chosen.

5.4.12 A Refund can only be made to the original ticket purchaser.

5.4.13 In the event of the prolonged closure of a school/college following Government Guidance as the result of an extra-ordinary circumstance, a Credit will be offered on a subsequent Season Ticket purchase for the original cardholder on the unused portion of the ticket calculated pro-rata as set out in 5.4.14 and 5.4.15, providing the ticket has not been recorded as used during the period of closure. For the avoidance of doubt this does not include closures which are the result of the unilateral decision of the School Management and/or Local Authority or Industrial Action.

5.4.14 Reimbursement is calculated from the date of receipt of the ticket at the office, using the purchase price less the number of published schooldays that were available for use pro-rata at the Term, Young Person Week & Day Return rates plus an administration fee of £10.

5.4.15 Any refund on a ticket(s) which had the sibling discount applied will have this discount factor deducted before the reimbursement is calculated as set out in 5.4.14.

5.4.16 Whilst every effort is made for orders made before 1400 on a working day to be dispatched the same day, tickets will be dispatched the next working day. All orders are dispatched by first class post, please allow up to 3 working days.

5.4.17 Once a ticket has been dispatched, we cannot then be responsible for any delays within the postal system and normal (non-refundable) fares will be applicable.

5.4.18 Likewise, normal (non-refundable) fares will also be applicable to any person purchasing a ticket too late for receipt for the start of term.

5.4.19 We reserve the right to delay dispatch of a ticket(s) ordered prior to the end of the previous term, until the beginning of the published school/college holiday period preceding the validity period.

5.4.20 For security reasons tickets can only be posted to the Credit/Debit cardholders address.

5.4.21 For online orders a collection service is available. Tickets available for collection from the office from 1000 the next working day. Please inform the office immediately after purchase either via email or telephone during opening hours that you wish to collect your ticket otherwise it will be posted.


6.1 The English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) allows the holder of any ENCTS Pass free off-peak travel on any Delaine Service.

6.2 Any discretionary entitlements offered by a Travel Concession Authority are only applicable at the point of boarding within their scheme area.

6.3 Entitled passengers should state their destination when boarding as a ‘Zero Value’ ticket is issued for each concessionary journey.

6.4 Travel is only permitted on production of a valid ENCTS permit by the cardholder when boarding otherwise a non-refundable fare is charged at the applicable rate.

6.5 We do not participate in any other joint ticketing agreement with any other local authority or bus operator therefore no other tickets will be accepted for travel on any Delaine Service.


7.1 All our buses are step-free entry and provide facilities for disabled persons in wheelchairs as defined in Schedule 1 Part 2 of the Public Service Vehicles Accessibility Regulations 2000 (PSVAR 2000) and for the carriage of children in unfolded pushchairs.

7.2 Wheelchairs should be no larger than as defined as ‘reference wheelchairs’ in the PSVAR 2000. The reference dimensions are as follows: Maximum length 1200mm, Maximum width 700mm, sitting height 1350mm and footrest height above the floor 150mm.

7.3 Electric wheelchairs may be carried but must comply with ‘reference wheelchair’ dimensions and batteries must always be covered.

7.4 Mobility Scooter (Class 2) are permitted, these are defined by Max Dimensions (L 1000mm W 600mm, turning radius of 1200mm or less, Max Weight 300Kg, Max Speed 4mph (6kph). These can either be ridden on by the user or folded down and stowed in the luggage area. For the avoidance of doubt we accept users with a valid Stagecoach permit for a Class 2 Mobility Scooter.

7.5 Mobility Scooter (Class 3) are NOT permitted on buses. These are larger models designed for road as well as pavement use and can travel up to 8mph (12kph).

7.6 It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that they adhere to the construction and weight restrictions of the specific design.

7.7 Pushchairs/Buggies of a reasonable size and capable of being folded may be carried subject to space being available.

7.8 Pushchairs/Buggies are permitted to be carried without being folded within the designated wheelchair area but only when it is not required by a wheelchair user.

7.9 Pushchairs/Buggies must not block the aisle of the bus at any time.

7.10 Passengers boarding with wheelchairs, mobility scooters and pushchairs/buggies should be capable of boarding without the assistance of the driver, subject to the use of any raised kerb, ramp or kneeling facility provided.

7.11 When requested by the driver, passengers should change seats to allow a wheelchair/mobility scooter user or passenger with an unfolded pushchair/buggy to utilise the designated area.

7.12 In the event of a wheelchair user boarding the bus when children are being carried in an unfolded pushchair in the designated wheelchair space then the driver may request that the pushchair is folded, and the child carried on a seat or lap

7.13 Wheelchair capacity is limited to that shown on each bus and we cannot guarantee that a wheelchair, mobility scooter or pushchair/buggy may be carried on any specific service or journey.

7.14 Passengers are required by law to co-operate in allowing proper use of the designated wheelchair area by vacating this area if it is required by a wheelchair user.


8.1-Fold up type bicycles may be conveyed at any time, at the owner’s risk, providing the bicycle is in a suitable condition to travel, folded and is safely and securely stowed in the luggage area.

8.2 Any other type of bicycle is not permitted at any time due to their size and the lack of a suitable alternative space should the designated wheelchair area be required for a wheelchair user during the journey.


9.1 Passengers accompanied luggage is carried free of charge. Any such luggage is accepted for carriage only at the owner’s risk and the Company will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any luggage unless caused by the negligence of the Company or its employees.

9.2 We reserve the right to refuse any unsuitable or excessive amounts of luggage or to charge an additional fare where such luggage reduces the availability of space to other passengers.

9.3 Drivers may suggest where is suitable on the bus to stow items of luggage. Large items of luggage should be securely stowed in the luggage or wheelchair area. The wheelchair area must be vacated in the event of a wheelchair user boarding.

9.4 Luggage must not block the aisle of the bus at any time.

9.5 Unaccompanied parcels will be charged the standard rate. Such parcels are accepted for carriage only at the owner’s risk and the Company will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any parcels unless caused by the negligence of the Company or its employees.

9.6 In the interests of safety certain items cannot be carried under any circumstances. These include but are not limited to weapons, ammunition, explosives and combustible or otherwise hazardous materials including petroleum spirit.

9.7 The carriage of small canisters of oxygen is permitted for those passengers who are medically dependent.

9.8 In the interests of safety and security, we reserve the right to request that you open any article of luggage for inspection by the driver or company official in your presence before you are permitted to travel.


10.1 Guide, hearing and assistance dogs wearing their harness or identification jacket and accompanying registered disabled persons are carried free of charge.

10.2 Small dogs, cats and other small animals may be carried in a suitable basket or on a passenger’s lap free of charge at the discretion of the driver.

10.3 If accompanying a fare-paying passenger or pass holder and at the driver’s discretion, larger well-behaved dogs will be conveyed at the owner’s risk and at the standard rate.

10.4 Dogs may be required to wear a muzzle or lead in accordance with the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

10.5 Dogs are not permitted to sit on seats.

10.6 In the interests of safety and the convenience of other passengers, a driver may refuse travel to an intending passenger with a dog if another dog is already on board.

10.7 Anyone bringing an animal onto the bus will be held responsible for any damage or injury it may cause.


11.1 Lost property is dealt with in accordance with the Public Service Vehicles Regulations 1978 as amended by the PSV Regulations 1981 and the Public Service Vehicles Regulations 1995 made by the Secretary of State for Transport.

11.2 To avoid the inconvenience and disappointment of losing your property, we recommend you take a moment to check you have all your belongings with you before alighting the bus.

11.3 Leaving your property on the bus is the same as leaving it in a public place and while in many instances items are handed to or found by the driver unfortunately this is not always the case.

11.4 Drivers periodically check vehicles during a shift and additionally cleaning staff will also check the bus on its return to the depot or first thing the following morning.

11.5 Drivers cannot be contacted while the bus is in service. Generally, it will not be until the following working day that we can confirm if any item has been found.

11.6 Due to the volume of enquiries only valuables (Mobile Phones, Wallets/Purses and Keys) can be dealt with by telephone. All other enquiries should be made by email or in person at the office.

11.7 To assist us in identifying your property and which bus it may be on please provide a description of the lost item, the journey you were travelling on, where you boarded and at what time and where you were sitting on the bus.

11.8 Any person who finds property left on a bus should immediately hand it, in the state in which it was found, to the driver who shall deal with it in accordance with the regulations stated above.

11.9 Before any such property has been handed to the office, it is claimed by a person who satisfies the driver that they are the owner of the property then it shall be returned to that person on giving their name and address to the driver who shall then report the facts and give the claimant’s name and address and a description of the property to the office.

11.10 Property left on buses, if found by or handed to the driver, will be taken charge of by the driver and then handed to the office. Application for its return should be made to the office.

11.11 Lost Property will need to be collected in person from the office during opening hours. We are not permitted to send items of personal property out on vehicles.

11.12 Drivers and company officials are empowered to open bags, packages or other containers to either identify the owner or ascertain the value.

11.13 Perishable goods will not be kept more than 24 hours from the time when they were found. Any property which is or becomes objectionable will be destroyed or otherwise disposed of.

11.14 Any property unclaimed within one calendar month of the date found will be disposed of in accordance with the statutory regulations.


12.1 Permitted standing passengers must hold onto the Stanchion pole or strap provided whilst the bus is in motion.

12.2 Passengers are not permitted to: stand forward of the driver, stand on the staircase or top deck of a double-deck bus whilst the bus is in motion.

12.3 Except in an emergency, passengers must not speak to the driver while the bus is in motion and must not obstruct their vision or do anything to cause a distraction.

12.4 Except in an emergency, passengers must not tamper with emergency exits.

12.5 In the interest of the convenience, safety and protection of other passengers the driver may refuse to carry an intending passenger if they are thought to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, if they are violent or abusive to other passengers or any of our employees, if they pose a risk to public health, if they are accompanied by an animal which is thought to be potentially dangerous or if there is not sufficient space on a vehicle to comply with the authorised capacity limitations. Please see section 13 – General Conduct.

12.6 Items that may cause injury to persons or damage to property are prohibited on our buses at the driver’s discretion. Anyone travelling with items which may cause injury or damage must comply with the directions of the driver in respect of where on the vehicle the item may be carried or if required must remove the item from the vehicle in accordance with the Public Services Vehicles Regulations 1990. Please see section 9 – Luggage.

12.7 For the security of our employees and passengers and to reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism all our buses are fitted with Digital CCTV with audio recording in the cab area. The system also clarifies the actions of our drivers on the highway and safeguards the company and its employees from potential fraudulent personal injury claims.

12.8 Appropriate signage is in place to inform passengers/intended passengers that CCTV is in operation. Recordings are used solely for monitoring safety and security and in support of criminal and civil investigations. CCTV may be provided to the Police or any other enforcement agency upon request.

12.9 Generally footage will only be retrieved to forward any investigations as set out in the aims of the system. Information may be made available to the Police or any other Authority if footage is required for their own investigations within the parameters of current legislation. In any instance other than a Police criminal investigation, Delaine Buses reserves the right to make a charge to cover the cost of retrieval.

12.10 Images may be viewed/forwarded to third parties including Schools/Colleges, Councils or Insurers in order to forward an investigation. Under no circumstances will images be forwarded to members of the general public but may be viewed at our office during opening hours by legitimate interested parties only during an investigation.

12.11 Images may be used of individuals suspected or known to be involved in anti-social behaviour, acts of vandalism or attempting to commit fraud on our buses for identification by our driving staff.

12.12 Retrieved data is held in the office and pending on the type of incident for how long. Data not retrieved will be overwritten.

12.13 The system operates within applicable legislation and will only be used for purposes for which it was established. A copy of the code of practice is available for inspection at our office during opening hours.

12.14 If you suffer an injury whilst travelling on one of our buses you must report this to the driver then inform us as soon as possible and provide details of the date, journey, time, where you were sitting and a description of yourself and clothes you were wearing, details of the incident and the injury sustained. Please see section 20 – Contact us.


13.1 Passengers must always follow the reasonable instructions of any of our drivers or company officials.

13.2 Our drivers and any other members of staff have the right to work in an environment without fear of abuse. Correspondence whether in writing or in person, which is deemed to be abusive or in any way unsuitable, will not be tolerated.

13.3 We reserve the right to refuse entry or require you to leave our buses at any time should we have reason to believe that your behaviour jeopardises the safety, security and comfort of others.

13.4 As a matter of courtesy to blind, disabled, elderly, infirm, pregnant and passengers with young children we kindly ask you to give up your seat when no other seating is available.

13.5 Passengers must not at any time smoke or carry a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe or use an e-cigarette on any part of the bus.

13.6 Passengers must not use any non-prescribed or illegal drugs on the bus.

13.7 Passengers must not bring alcohol onto the bus with the intention of consuming it on the bus.

13.8 Passengers must not consume alcohol on the bus.

13.9 Appropriate signage is in place on all buses that prohibits eating and drinking. Principally to reduce the volume of litter and eliminate the smells associated with cooked food, for example burgers or fish and chips that may make it uncomfortable or disruptive to other passengers. Drivers will use their discretion.

13.10 Passengers must not leave litter on the bus.

13.11 Passengers must not put their feet on the seats.

13.12 Passengers must not board the bus with soiled clothing that may stain the seats and make it uncomfortable for others.

13.13 Passengers must not play music on the bus without the use of ear/headphones.

13.14 Passengers must not deface or damage any part of the bus or interfere with any equipment or safety notices.

13.15 Passengers must not act in a manner that could be deemed to disturb or offend other passengers or our employees or endanger their safety.

13.16 In the event you fail to refrain from any activity that contravenes these terms and conditions of carriage, when asked, then we reserve the right to request you to leave the bus and where we deem it necessary to contact the Police. You will not be entitled to a refund of your fare in such circumstances.

13.17 To anyone found causing wilful damage to any of our buses, we reserve the right to seek from you all reasonable costs that we incur in rectifying any damage caused and furthermore reserve the right to report the matter to the relevant authorities with a view to prosecution.

13.18 We reserve the right to temporarily or permanently exclude any person from travelling on any of our services in the interests of the safety and comfort of other passengers and our employees.

13.19 Whilst we do everything, we reasonably can to control the conduct of other passengers, we cannot be held responsible for their conduct.


14.1 We only use twitter for broadcast purposes in matters relating to our services and fares, we do not monitor any comments posted.


15.1 We welcome correspondence and suggestions from passengers as they help us to improve our services and enable us to avoid a repetition of any problems that may have occurred. We would rather address your concerns than you stop using our service.

15.2 We also welcome commendations for any employee giving exceptional service.

15.3 Any correspondence should be addressed to the office or via email, contact details are available either; at the foot of this document, on our website or on our Timetable leaflets. We aim to respond within 10 working days or provide an acknowledgement if further investigation is required. In any instance we aim to respond fully within 28 working days.

15.4 If we are unable to resolve your complaint you are entitled to refer it to Bus Users UK, which is the approved Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body for bus passengers, who may be contacted at:


16.1 In any circumstances where we collect your personal data, we will process it in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

16.2 Delaine Buses Ltd values the personal information you provide us and would not use your personal data in a way you would not expect. Our privacy policy explains how we protect your privacy and how you control the use of your personal information. We would not use this data to market services offered by Delaine Buses, its trusted affiliates, business partners or independent contractors without your prior express consent. See our Privacy Policy on for further details.


17.1 The governing law for these Terms and Conditions of Carriage shall be the laws of England and Wales and the Courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction.

17.2 Should any provision of these Conditions be invalid or unenforceable this shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions.

17.3 These Terms and Conditions of Carriage constitute an agreement between Delaine Buses Ltd and its customers.

17.4 None of the company’s employees may alter or waiver these Terms and Conditions of Carriage in whole or in part in anyway whatsoever.


18.1 These Terms and Conditions of Carriage may be amended by us at any time without further notice.

18.2 Any such amendments will be made available for inspection by the general public at our office (during office hours) and will be posted on our website.


19.1 These Conditions of Carriage apply to all passengers holding any classification of ticket issued by ourselves or a third party which is valid on any of our services.


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T: 01778 422866


OFFICE (Opening Hours)

Mondays-Fridays: 0900-1600

Weekends & Bank Holidays: Closed


Delaine Buses Ltd