In order to gain the best experience for your child when travelling with us please ensure you have read our full terms and conditions of carriage before completing your purchase.


a: Season Tickets are issued subject to the Company’s Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

b: For use by the named cardholder only.

c: The ticket must always be available for inspection by any of the company’s officials.


5.4.1 Available for use Mondays to Fridays on published School/College days only during the stated period for one journey in either direction per day on the route(s) of issue between the stated points for tuition at School/College only.

5.4.2 Travel is only permitted on production of a valid pass by the named cardholder when boarding otherwise a non-refundable fare is charged at the applicable rate.

5.4.3 It remains the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure the child or young person has the means to travel either by way of a valid pass or fare. The driver is not responsible for parents or guardians leaving their children at a bus stop with no valid pass or means of payment.

5.4.4 Driver discretion may be applied in instances where a distressed person has genuinely misplaced a valid ticket and does not attempt to board the bus deceitfully or fraudulently.


5.4.5 A lost ticket can be replaced by application to the office for a fee of £10. For any subsequent losses a fee of £20 is applicable. Normal (non-refundable) fares will apply until the ticket has been replaced and received by the cardholder.

5.4.6 Damaged or defaced tickets may not be accepted for travel and will be replaced free of charge upon return to the office. If the ticket has been broken, then all parts must be returned to qualify for a free replacement otherwise the £10/£20 fee will apply. Normal (non-refundable) fares will apply until the ticket has been replaced and received by the cardholder.

5.4.7 Should the QR Code on the ticket be damaged or defaced then this will also render the ticket invalid and it will need to be returned in full and will then be replaced free of charge by the office. Normal (non-refundable) fares will apply until the ticket has been replaced and received by the cardholder.


5.4.8 Deliberately presenting an expired or invalid pass for travel may result in a penalty fare of £5 being applied for the intended journey.

5.4.9 Students are strongly advised not to be tempted to do a friend a favour. It is your pass for your use only, our drivers are trained to spot tickets being passed back and will confiscate any tickets being misused in this manner which will then be subject to condition 5.4.10.

5.4.10 Where misuse is identified, the ticket may be confiscated by any company official and may be subject to an enquiry, normal (non-refundable) fares will apply during this period. Any ticket deemed to have been used fraudulently may be suspended or cancelled, without entitlement to refund.


5.4.11 A Refund will only be made in instances of moving home, school or long-term illness. Proof may be required. All refund requests should be made to the office. For the avoidance of doubt refunds will not be considered where an alternative means of travel has been chosen.

5.4.12 A Refund can only be made to the original ticket purchaser.

5.4.13 In the event of the prolonged closure of a school/college following Government Guidance as the result of an extra-ordinary circumstance, a Credit will be offered on a subsequent Season Ticket purchase for the original cardholder on the unused portion of the ticket calculated pro-rata as set out in 5.4.14 and 5.4.15, providing the ticket has not been recorded as used during the period of closure. For the avoidance of doubt this does not include closures which are the result of the unilateral decision of the School Management and/or Local Authority or Industrial Action.

5.4.14 Reimbursement is calculated from the date of receipt of the ticket at the office, using the purchase price less the number of published Schooldays that were available for use pro-rata at the Term, Young Person Week & Day Return rates plus an administration fee of £10.

5.4.15 Any refund on a ticket(s) which had the sibling discount applied will have this discount factor deducted before the reimbursement is calculated as set out
in 5.4.14


5.4.16 Whilst every effort is made for orders made before 1400 on a working day to be dispatched the same day, tickets will be dispatched the next working day. All orders are dispatched by first class post, please allow up to 3 working days.

5.4.17 Once a ticket has been dispatched, we cannot then be responsible for any delays within the postal system and normal (non-refundable) fares will be applicable.

5.4.18 Likewise, normal (non-refundable) fares will also be applicable to any person purchasing a ticket too late for receipt for the start of term.

5.4.19 We reserve the right to delay dispatch of a ticket(s) ordered prior to the end of the previous term, until the beginning of the published school/college holiday period preceding the validity period.

5.4.20 For security reasons tickets can only be posted to the Debit/Credit cardholders address.

5.4.21 For online orders a collection service is available. Tickets available for collection from the office from 1000 the next working day. Please inform the office immediately after purchase either via email or telephone during opening hours that you wish to collect your ticket otherwise it will be posted.

All information is correct at the time of printing, Delaine Buses reserve the right to vary any details without further notice.

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