To be read in conjunction with our Covid-19 Passenger Advice

During this difficult time the safety, comfort and well being of our passengers and staff remains our top priority we continue to follow Government Guidance.

The Guidance for Students travelling to and from School/College from September has now been issued. The principal difference from the General Guidance is normal social distancing measures on Public Transport will not apply where Students do not mix with Adult Passengers.

This means:

1.  Students will be permitted to sit one per seat.

2.  Students are encouraged to sit within their year groups but the Guidance recognises that the driver should not be expected to police this and relies upon the co-operation of students.

3.  Face coverings will still be mandatory for Students aged 11 years or over (exemptions may apply for some students, more information at

To enable us to comply with the Guidance there will be some temporary changes to the way some of our services will operate at Peak-Times on Schooldays:
1.  A Relief Bus will be deployed which will be designated for Students only.
2.  Where there is an alternative service/journey available for Adults, some journeys will be designated for use by Students only.
3.  A Double Decker will be deployed in place of the normal Single Decker, with the upper deck being designated for Students only and the lower deck for Adults only.

As with all new Academic Years, unforeseen and short-term issues occur at the beginning of term and this year will be particularly challenging. Consequently it may be necessary to make further adjustments to some journeys once passenger numbers have been ascertained and we kindly ask for your patience whilst we swiftly rectify any issues that may arise.

PLEASE NOTE: Students travelling outside the core school times may travel on any bus but normal social distancing measures will apply, ie one person per double seat unless you are from the same household or bubble then you should sit together.



If displaying any symptoms of the virus,  follow Government advice and stay at home in self isolation for 7 days and do not travel on our services.

Wash or sanitise your hands before and after your journey.


Be patient and wait for any passengers to get off the bus before boarding.

Pay by contactless if possible.


You are required to wear a face covering. (Exemptions may apply for some passengers. More information at
                Do not stand or queue in the aisle or next to the driver.

Please take a seat and observe social distancing where possible.

If you are travelling with someone from the same household or bubble then please sit together.
                Weather permitting keep windows open to help with ventilation.

               Do not eat or drink on the bus and take any litter with you when you leave the bus
                Ensure you take all your property with you when you leave the bus.

If you need assistance, please ask the driver as normal.


Although we have an enviable reputation for clean buses, they are undergoing an enhanced clean before they leave the depot with the disinfecting of key touch points such as handrails, grab handles, stanchion poles and bell press buttons.


Our buses have also been fitted with temporary protective screens in the driver’s cab and any seats within 2m of the driver have been cordoned off.

Driver’s have been issued with face coverings but are not required to wear them if they are behind a protective screen.


All routes will operate in September as per their normal pre Covid-19 timetables.

We continue to follow the latest Government Guidance and encourage you to follow us on twitter or regularly check our website for details of any service updates.

Thank you for your co-operation

Delaine Buses Ltd